Gibraltar Open - Back to its true home

Tuesday, April 2022

The 2022 Gibraltar Open is a professional snooker tournament that has returned back to the Europa Point Sports Complex from March 24th to 26th, 2022 after the 2021 Gibraltar open was hosted at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. The Gibraltar Open, which began in 2015, is now in its seventh year. The tournament is the 14th Ranking event of the snooker season 2021-2022, with the highest’s earner taking home a cool £150,000 bonus.

With all that excitement over a couple of days I’m sure you’re thinking…how did they get all of the Snooker, Pool and TV equipment there?

Well Insight Trans Logistics did!

Working in partnership with Eastgate Freight, we wear able to arrange for three trailers to be successfully collected and transported to Gibraltar on an ATA Carnet.

This maybe seem simple and something that Insight Trans Logistics do on a daily basis with our groupage loads. However, this time we needed to get to the Europa Point Sports Complex, which is the other side of Gibraltar, this requires going through the Dudley Ward Way tunnel which has weight limits. We were able to obtain the permits to allow us to travel through the Dudley Ward Way, and we were on our way with police escorts in tow. Once through and delivered the drivers stayed in Gibraltar whilst the tournament was on so they could pick up the goods swiftly when it was finished and they could be redelivered back to the UK

Under these circumstances an ATA carnet was the perfect customs documentation, as there is no requirement for bonds or guarantees which are required with T1 documentation. Further to this it allows for 24-hour access across the Spanish commercial boarder, allowing for more flexibility to entering and leaving Gibraltar.

What is an ATA Carnet?

The ATA Carnet is an international Customs document which allows the temporary importation of commercial samples, professional equipment or goods going to either a trade fair or exhibition to countries which are part of the ATA Carnet system. Without one you would need to complete each country's customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods e.g., lodging a temporary import bond.

Why are ATA Carnets required?

The ATA Carnet acts as a passport for goods. It simplifies the custom formalities by allowing a single document to be used for clearing goods through customs in the countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system. An ATA Carnet is valid for 1 year and allows for movement of the goods shown on the Carnet as many times as required during the 12 months to any of the destinations applied for.

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