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Fleet expansion for Insight Trans Logistics with two brand new DAF 530

Wednesday, May 2022

We are thrilled to announce our Fleet expansion with two brand new DAF 530 Super space Cab – STGO plated to 80 Tons capacity. Purchased from Motus Commercials Worcester, it was great to work with Edward Miles to ensure the trucks met the specs that we required.

Due to the nature of our business, we required high spec trucks to ensure vehicle safety. Some of the features on our new DAF are:

• Adaptive cruise control (ACC), this allows the truck to reduce engine throttle and, if necessary, applies the brakes to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front.
• Forward collision warning (FCW), to alert the driver if manual intervention is going to be required.
• Advanced Emergency Breaking systems (AEBS) which allows the truck to apply up to the maximum breaking power when appropriate to reduce the risk of rear end collisions.
• CB radio allowing the driver to communicate with escort and pilot cars on abnormal movements, this communication is vital for the safe movement of these loads as escort cars can warn the driver of any upcoming obstacles.
• Roof and front grill mounted flashing beacons, which are also used when transporting an abnormal load to warn other road users of an abnormal load.
• Tag axle, meaning the rear most axle lifts, this allows for the wheel base to be shorter when lifted, which allows for a tighter turning circle, improving maneuverability on tight construction sites.

On top of the safety features we included the following driver convenience and comfort:

• Microwave,
• Fridge/ freezer
• TRP SlimCool parking cooler, this receives its power supply directly from the battery for up to eight hours, this significantly reduces idle time costs and prevents unnecessary exhaust emissions. in addition to providing pleasant conditions inside the cabin when in the hotter countries Insight Trans Logistics goes to, a parking cooler also helps drivers to be in better condition and more alert, which in turn also increases road safety
• Mounted TV and DVD player.

The trucks are already amongst the fleet and been involved with domestic modular construction projects for Insight Trans Logistics and international low loader work.

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