In a league of their own

Thursday, October 2022

Insight Trans Logistics Ltd, recently took the helm as the key partner appointed by Exeter Football Club to manage a high-profile project to move a total of twenty-two modular units from Hull down to Exeter.

In their role heading up the logistics during the two-week run up to the deployment of the vehicle fleet, Insight Trans Logistics negotiated the UK’s variable autumnal weather conditions to ensure that the project ran smoothly to complete ahead of deadline, with one day being trimmed from the forecasted time frame on the Installation Programme.

The operation had a number of restrictions applied including, the mandatory specification that all modules travelled during daylight hours due to the no movement during the hours of darkness restriction for the local constabularies in addition to, no movement during peak traffic hours, to avoid any unnecessary congestion along the busy route.

In preparation for the execution of this, Insight Trans Logistics carried out a bespoke preliminary Route & Site Survey which involved observing the groundwork of the site. The team carried out carefully planned and executed tree surgery, vital to prevent any unnecessary damage to the landscape and environment during the delivery. This pre-delivery attention to detail was also required to ensure the site was safe and fully accessible for the arrival of the allocated crane and support vehicles and the optimum unloading position was identified and prepped accordingly.

Once the pre-execution checks had all been carried out and the route and locations agreed by all parties involved, Insight Trans Logistics created a master document detailing the full procedure and requirements with a time frame for implementation.

Using the ESdale2 software to plot each section of the route down from the North East to the South West, the logistics team gained vital intel in order to correctly notify all the local constabularies concerned of intensions and exact movements ahead of the journey. This avoided any hold ups in view of compliance or paperwork. A critical path document was compiled to outline the dates and routes for all stages and movements throughout the project. Necessary parties were notified in advance and this information worked in synergy with the full Route & Site Survey.

As a result of the investment in precision planning, the routing on-site was relatively straightforward and the holding area sufficient to accommodate the vehicle requirements. In transit, a single escort van was sufficient to warn oncoming traffic of the abnormal load.

One notable potential hazard identified in the planning phase, was a difficult to negotiate, ‘blind bend’. The escot van was deployed here to drive ahead as a warning for all oncoming traffic, up to 500 meters, to slow down to prevent any accidents.

The combination of the transport expertise to carefully manoeuvre the modules onto site along with the detailed planning and project management resulted in a successful completion of this project safely and ahead of deadline.
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